Stair treads

Stair treads

    1. Stair treads are combined steel grating with side panels and a front wearing plate. It is mainly used on ladders , usually referred to stair treads.
    2. stair treads Specifications:
From the point of economic and security , we recommend  you using the following specifications:
T325/30/100 stair treads: width for not more than 900mm, but more than 500mm.
T255/30/100 stair treads: width for not more than 1500mm ,but more than 800mm
Stair treads are usually  between the width of 0.5 meters to 1 meter.     
    3. stair treads type:
(1) According to the installation, stair treads are divided into welded installation and fixed stair treads with bolted.
(2) According to whether there are anti-skidding plate,stair trade can be divided anti-skidding stair trade and non- anti-skidding stair trade.
    For security reasons, we recommend customers use the stairs with anti-skidding stair trade.



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